Mathsoft Introduces new Image Processing Extension Pack for Mathcad 2000

Newest Edition Offers a Cutting-Edge Technical Design Solution for Image Processing Applications

LONDON, UK.-January 26, 2000-MathSoft, Inc. (NASDAQ:MATH), the provider of the broadest line of technical design, calculation and analysis software for business and academia, today announced the release of the Image Processing Extension Pack for Mathcad® 2000. With a total of over 140 features for image processing, analysis and visualisation, this newest version of the Extension Pack represents a significant upgrade that rivals competing product offerings.

When combined with Mathcad 2000's integrated technical design environment and live document interface, the Image Processing Extension Pack provides a powerful solution for iterative exploration and investigative analysis. Its extensive ability to help analyse, manipulate, extract and identify critical image features makes it ideal for researchers, design engineers, system analysts and image specialists across a broad spectrum of industries ranging from defence, law enforcement and manufacturing, to medicine, photography and multimedia fields. It is also a valuable tool for students studying electrical engineering or computer sciences.

"MathSoft has created a comprehensive set of essential functions for processing two-dimensional images that works fast and integrates naturally within the already powerful mathematical environment offered by Mathcad 2000," said Dr. Hernan Jara, Ph.D., director of Radiological Physics, Boston Medical Centre. "The Image Processing Extension Pack will be a valuable tool for researchers and educators in the field of medical ageing."

This more robust version of MathSoft's Image Processing Extension Pack provides over 50 new and enhanced functions for filtering, morphology, edge detection, and object identification.  Other critical capabilities that have been added include segmentation, for analysing specific regions of interest, and feature extraction, for quantifying object features such as dimensions. The Extension Pack also lets users take advantage of Mathcad's regular matrix operations and numerics for complete analysis of images stored in matrix form.

Other product improvements include an interactive image viewer for easy manipulation, various file formats to make it easier to work with other applications, and expanded electronic documentation with templates and application examples. Once installed as part of the Mathcad 2000 desktop, users can incorporate their image processing work with publication-quality
technical documents, graphs and presentations created in Mathcad.

"With the help of grants from the National Institute of Health, the MathSoft Research Group has created a sophisticated tool that can enhance the work of the many industries that rely on advanced image processing techniques," said Chris Randles, senior vice president and general manager, MathSoft, Inc.  "By further extending Mathcad 2000's image processing capabilities with this full-featured, affordable product, MathSoft is reaching out to meet the needs of this diverse audience."