MathSoft Announces Mathcad 2000 Professional

Sept. 22, 1999—MathSoft International, the provider of the broadest line of technical calculation and analytical software for business and academia, today announced the release of Mathcad® 2000 Professional, the most complete mathematics-based design solution for engineering projects. Mathcad 2000 Professional goes beyond mathematical computational tools to offer a complete range of capabilities to support engineers and scientists collaborating through the technical design process, from concept to analysis to visual modeling. Unmatched visualization, documentation, collaboration and integration features dramatically enhance Mathcad's advanced mathematical calculation environment to increase engineering workgroup productivity.

Mathcad 2000 Professional now offers the breadth and depth of functionality required to drive nearly every aspect of technical design. Ideal for workgroup settings, Mathcad unites and streamlines the design process by combining the power of advanced calculation, computer-aided design and graphical analysis tools with the ability to easily document, share and publish calculations with colleagues. Mathcad 2000 Professional integrates with CAD, spreadsheet, word processing and computational programs to form an integrated technical design environment across networks or the Web.

"Typical calculation applications focus solely on providing mathematical computation, but engineers require much more than math for technical design," said Paul Sloane, Vice President of MathSoft International. "Engineers working in industry want the ability to visualize their work, collaborate on technical projects and communicate their results to others. With this in mind, MathSoft designed Mathcad 2000 Professional to reflect the way engineers and scientists work, from the beginning to the end of the design process. We feel these capabilities will make Mathcad 2000 Professional the new standard for technical design."

"Mathcad 2000 makes it fast and easy for me to explore and express mathematical ideas," said Julio C. Banks, P.E., Vice President of Parametric Mechanics, Inc. "It allows me to calculate, visualize, and document my work while freeing me from the additional programming efforts required by other mathematical software products."

Anchored by Mathcad's patented "live" math interface, engineers, scientists and other technical professionals can explore and perform advanced technical calculations using real-math notation, rather than cryptic and time-consuming command-line programming, for fast and accurate results. A series of technical enhancements help Mathcad 2000 Professional outperform all earlier versions of the product, particularly in the areas of symbolics optimization and ActiveX controls. In addition to calculating results faster, Mathcad 2000 Professional includes new ease-of-use IntelliMath functionality that automatically resolves ambiguities in mathematical notation and simplifies and automates routine tasks, thereby increasing overall productivity.

Mathcad 2000 Professional delivers powerful new visualization capabilities, including MathSoft's Axum® LE graphics functionality for producing detailed, publication-quality 2D plots and Intergraph Corporation's SmartSketch® LE for creating 2D parametric CAD drawings and technical diagrams. When users have performed their calculations and visualizations, enhanced Mathcad 2000 Professional documentation features give them total control over the look and feel of their work and the ability to quickly produce publication-quality documents. These features enable users to communicate, share and archive their work more clearly and effectively than standard computational tools.

Mathcad 2000 Professional integrates with OLE and Microsoft® Office-compliant applications such as Excel, as well as MATLAB®, AutoCAD®, S-PLUS® and others to enable users to easily transfer data between applications and even drive other applications with Mathcad design specifications. HTML support allows users to post Mathcad documents on the Internet or corporate intranet and share worksheets with colleagues. The redesigned Web Collaboratory allows users to easily communicate on the Internet and share files and ideas with new tools, including email and instant messaging. Together, the enhanced calculation, visualization and collaboration capabilities of Mathcad 2000 Professional make it the most complete technical design software solution available to support the entire engineering design process.

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