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The mathematical & statistical matrix programming language

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Aptech Systems Inc.
Version 14
Operating system Linux, Windows, MAC OS
Hardware requirement PC (Intel), Apple Mac
Required RAM 50 MB under Win., Linux, Mac OS
Harddisc space 155 MB
Product description

GAUSS is a high level matrix programming language specializing in commands, functions, and procedures for data analysis and statistical applications. These functions can be roughly divided into three categories :

  • Mathematical, statistical and scientific functions

  • Data handling routines, including data matrix manipulation and description routines, and file I/O

  • Programming statements, including branching, looping, display features, error checking, and shell commands.

The Functions are those to be expected in a high level mathematical language : trigonometric functions and other transcendental functions, distribution functions, random number generators, numerical differentiation and integration routines, Fourier transforms, Bessel functions and polynomial evaluation routines. And, as a matrix programming language, GAUSS includes a variety of routines to calculate determinantes, matrix inverses, decompositions, eigenvalues and eigenvectors, and condition numbers.

The Data Handling routines include functions which return dimensions of matrices, and information about elements of data matrices, including functions to locate values lying in specific ranges or with certain values. Also under data handling routines fall all those functions which create, save, open and read from and write to GAUSS data sets. A variety of sorting routines which will operate on both numeric and character data are also available.

The Programming statements are all of the commands which make it possible to write complex programs in GAUSS. These include conditional and unconditional branching, looping, file I/O, error handling, and system-related commands to execute shells and access directory and environment information. 

Programing interfaces
C, FORTRAN, Assembler, DLL files, shared libraries
Data import/export
ASCII, Binary, Lotus, Excel, Quattro Pro, Symphony, dBase, Paradox, FoxPro, Clipper, ODBC
Graphic import/export

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