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Universal Mechanism

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Bryansk State Technical University, Dept. of Applied Mechanics
System requirements
Version 5.0
Operating system Win. 2000, XP, Vista
RAM requirement 2 GB
Product description

The program is intended for simulation of kinematics and dynamics of planar and spatial mechanical systems. The program is oriented to practical engineers, students and teachers; by other words it is oriented to all people who are involved in problems of dynamics of machines and mechanisms. Mechanical systems are described by means of representing them as systems of rigid bodies connected by various kinematical pairs and force elements. Lots of dynamical performances of mechanical systems are available during simulation, such as linear and angular coordinates, velocity and acceleration, active forces and moments, reaction forces etc. UM includes an advanced postprocessor: linear analysis, statistics, optimization, export of results.

Data export
ASCII, Word, Excel
Graphic export

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