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MDL Information Systems Inc.
System requirements
Version 2.3
Operating system Windows, Mac System 6 & 7, SGI IRIX
Hardware requirement PC (Intel), Macintosh, SGI
Required RAM Windows   - 4 MB
Macintosh - 8 MB
SGI       - 16 MB
Product description

Introducing ISIS/Draw, a chemical drawing program that thinks and works like a chemist to save you time at the computer and give you more time at the workbench. ISIS/Draw knows that a letter is an atom with valence limits; a line is a bond that attaches at correct lengths and angles; and that double bonds of aromatic ring systems are dynamic, changing with attachments made to the ring. Such chemical intelligence allows scientists to draw structures and reactions rapidly, intuitively, and effortlessly.

Plus, you get more than just an image with ISIS/Draw. Because ISIS/Draw sketches have chemical significance, you can use your drawings to build structure-searchable databases of reactions and 2D and 3D molecules. Drawings can also be used to search databases. Flexible query features let you define variable or partial structures for database searching. For example, you can define a bond as double, single, or aromatic, or an atom as any atom in a given list. You can even use the Web version of ISIS/Draw as a helper application to work with chemical structures on the World Wide Web.

Data import/export

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